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Huatulco, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Mérida and Catemaco photographer

 We are based on Coatzacoalcos, Ver. But we offer our services to all the south east region of México. Including Huatulco, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Mérida,  Catemaco. We offer e-session, trash the dress sessions, formal sessions, ceremony and reception coverage. Our style is up to the elegance and style of your event. We offer a broad catolog of products and services. Our quality is the best. We capture special moments, emotions, details, and a general sense of the experience or your reception. We put special attention to all you care for. Our team garanties the production and actions necessary to be impecable in our work.

My experience includes the autorship of a photo-poetry book, 8 expositions and a broad coverage of the cultural activity of my city, Coatzacoalcos, Ver.

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Wedding destinations guides


Veracruz, Mexico is located on the Gulf of Mexico. Veracruz offers several museums, numerous historic attractions and some splendid colonial-era monuments.  It is also one of the world’s great seaports. The beaches are volcanic in origin and gray in color. It has several five star Hotels. The nightlife and seafood dining are great and quite affordable. The best know festivity is its Carnival, which is the largest and most important of México


It has several eco-friendly adventures. Both on land and in the water, there are plenty of opportunities to see why Huatulco was awarded the Green Globe Certification for commitment to environmental protection. Especially popular are zip-lining expeditions through the jungle, along with bird watching, rafting, kayaking and fishing. Huatulco’s urban center, La Crucecita, is a great place to enjoy downtime between your outdoor adventures. It is near dozens of small beaches and bays: some of them very solitary and romantic.


Mérida is the Yucatan state capital city. Known for its stunning Mayan-influenced architecture, the “White City” gets its nickname from the limestone facades lining its cobbled streets. If you’re an architectural buff, be sure to spend time wandering through the church and museum-filled plazas. After a long day exploring Mayan ruins and browsing local shops, be sure to watch the salsa and mambo performers that fill the streets for authentic and lively nightcaps. The city is located near several beaches and interesting touristic attractions like abandoned “Haciendas”, beautiful colonial churches and a caribean like beach called Celestum. It is also half an our from a north beach, sort of a Yucatán Riviera. The most important city at this beach is called Puerto Progreso. Which has a lot of houses with a special marine style. Valladolid is two hours from Mérida and one of the most beautiful cities of México. It has houses with the classic Yucatán architectural minimalistic style.


Oaxaca has ancient ruins, colonial architecture, distinctive food, and one of the country’s largest Indian markets and friendly, relaxed people. The central historical district is compact and walkable. A good place to start is Macedonia Alcala, a pedestrian street lined with galleries, restaurants, and gift shops. Santo Domingo church, Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca, Museum of Contemporary Art, the Benito Juarez market, and Abastos market are all sights to see while walking through town. The city is surrounded by Archaeological marvels and several interesting colonial small cities.  It has the best baroque churches of Mexico, only rivaled by the churches of Puebla (a city near Mexico city)


Catemaco is locadted at the south of the Mexican state of Veracruz. The city is located on Lake Catemaco, with the municipality stretching north to the Gulf of Mexico. Catemaco is a tourist destination with its main attractions being the lake, remnants of the region’s rainforest and a tradition of sorcery/witchcraft that has its roots in the pre Hispanic period and mostly practiced by men. This tradition is well known in Mexico and attracts clients from various walks of life, including businessmen and national level politicians. Catemaco holds an annual event in March dedicated to sorcery which can draw up to 5,000 visitors. It is surrounded by dozens of lagoons, falls and interesting beaches. It has several eco friendly reserves and activities which brings a lot of extreme or eco friendly sports people

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